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5241 Highcrest Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Phone: 530-677-9191
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The Company

Founded in 1979, Protostar provided on-site service to proprietary computer systems in time-critical process control environments. Maintenance services were augmented through the sale of new, used and refurbished equipment.

In 1983, our depot repair center and warehouse operations were developed to provide quick response for our customers time-critical requirements.

In 1988, as proprietary computer systems in the process- control fields approached their design limits, Protostar began manufacturing products to extend the life and enhance these systems. Our products included disk subsystems, memories, communication devices, and I/O switches.

Today, as we have for 23+ years, Protostar provides support to mission-critical proprietary computer systems.


To provide organizations with computer technology Services and Solutions.


To achieve total customer satisfaction by quality service, teamwork and partnerships.


To be a major player in the information technology outsourcing marketplace.

We pursue our Purpose, Mission, and Vision to the limit of our abilities while not compromising the following principles.

We are, above all, a team. No individual or departmental goal will be pursued to the detriment of our purpose, mission, or vision.

We treat or customers and vendors, and others whom we may contact through the conducting of our business with the highest level of mutual respect, honesty, and professionalism. We perform our work in a manner that respects the professionalism and decorum of our customers and expect that those working with us adhere to the same standard.